Studio at Textile Arts Center, December 2017

Photo Credit: Cormac Slevin



Jamie was born in Pittsburgh, PA, at 12:02 AM on All Soul's Day.

She received a BA from the University of Pittsburgh in 2003, and an MFA from the Ohio State University in 2007. Presently, she is an artist in residence at Textile Arts Center.

Jamie has frequently worked on visual design components for performance. Recently, she collaborated with Jennifer Lacey and Wally Cardona on the visual installations for "The Set Up," (LMCC River to River Festival 2017); designed the garments and props for Faye Driscoll’s "Thank You for Coming: Play" (BAM, 2016; national tour 2017); and created sculptural elements for Ursula Eagly’s "piece with gaps for each other" (The Chocolate Factory, 2017).

She also maintains an ongoing, long distance collaboration with LA-based writer and artist, Meg Shevenock.